Friday, February 7, 2014

Tau Color Scheme Test 2

Another pic that should have been re-shot, but managed to "save" it in Photoshop.

I painted up a test Gun Drone and Pathfinder in my new colors (to match my Fire Warrior). Then I painted a test Stealth Suit and Marker Drone in my stealth/shrouded color scheme.

Indecision struck, and now I am really struggling weather or not to distinguish stealth and shroud with different schemes--ie introduce a third, medium gray scheme. Then I started thinking about including scout in the mix!

I definitely do not want 4 color schemes. But do I want three? And if so, what would teams would be in the middle scheme... Stealth? Scout? Both?

Shrouded teams *WILL* be the dark gray scheme. That will encompass Shadowsun, a team of Stealth Suits and a as yet to be scratch built Remora Drone Fighter Team... only 2 units and an IC.

If I put stealth teams in a medium gray, that would only include Sniper Drones and Vespid Stingwings... only 2 units (I am counting 3 units of Sniper Drones as one). While Kroot have Stealth, they do not have any armor/gear appropriate to be in the color scheme.

The only units with scout I will have are 2 teams of Pathfinders and Darkstrider.

After writing all of this, I think I will separate shrouded (dark gray) and stealth (medium gray).