Friday, February 14, 2014

Tau Crisis Battlesuit Weak Ankle Fix WIP

I just came up with this easy fix to address Crisis Battle Suit weak ankles.

All of my Crisis Suits are based on one foot, attached to a small rock. This has increased the chances of broken ankle joints. I have frequently had to re-glue and pin ankles.

Currently, my entire army is out on a table so I can address any broken or missing parts/magnets/etc. When I started to repair ankles, this idea hit me.

To start with, I filled down the ball joint between the "calf" and the "heel". Then I took xx" x xx" bass wood sticks cut down to about 1" in length. Next I filled one end to better fit if necessary. Finally I glued the stick in place.

After the glue dried, I cut and filled the top of the stick to match the angle of the leg.

In my experience, the ankle breaks at the ball joint. What this fix does is strengthen the joint by gluing the leg directly to the foot.

I really like the lines this fix creates.

As always feel free to leave questions and comments.