Friday, February 28, 2014

Salamander Dreadnoughts WIP 3

A little progress on Deathbot's army...

Since my last posts on the subject, I replaced one Multi-Melta arm with an Autocannon. I also filled off one of the face plates and glued on a plastic one.

In addition to a little painting, I assembled a 4th Tactical Squad and started building a Chaplain on Bike. The Captain and other Tac Squad have been built for a while. Deathbot tried a go at painting them.

Recently, I came across a Typhoon Missile Launcher (TML) while going through my bits. Previously I had given Deathbot 3 Land Speeders, but still had one left over. I thought it would be a cool addition to have the single Land Speeder with TML. So Deathbot scores more plastic crack!

Here is the new Progress Chart. I have decided to also gift Deathbot a box of 5 metal scouts. I don't know if I will convert anything as the set only comes with bolt pistols and CCWs.