Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tau Update: Assembly

Just a little construction and priming today...

1) Assembled a Stealth Suit team. To be honest, the Markerlights and 3 Suits were already assembled. As were the converted legs... But it still counts! I should have taken close ups here--Every pair of legs has had at least one leg, at the hip joint, repositioned... albeit a little crudely.

Stay tuned for a Stealthsuit Color Test!

2) Assembled 4 gun drones--Magnetized. A Gun Drone will also be part of the Color Test.

3) Converted 2 Marker drones. To start with I took a Markerlight from the Skyray, the top and bottom parts of a basic Drone, and a Target Lock.

All I did to the Target Lock was trim the back parallel to the front, removing the "swooping backwards" portion.

Next I drilled holes in the Markerlight and Target Lock to fit the posts on the bottom of the Drone, affixed the antennae, then magnetized to a flight stand.

4) Primed 10 Pathfinders and 2 Gun Drones.

5) Primed 12 Fire Warriors and 2 Gun Drones.

5) Assembled Cadre Fireblade.

6) Assembled Darkstrider.