Friday, January 31, 2014

40K Project Update: Tau and Space Marines

Made a little bit of progress on the hobby front... No painting in this post, its mostly assembly.

An old skewl Pathfinder team. Even though I just bought the new plastic kit back in October, I decided to assemble the older ones first. I considered swapping the metal Rail Rifles for plastic ones and using Ion Rifles on the plastic team... Still contemplating that one. 

The 3 Rail Rifles and Shas'ui were unique poses, but the remaining 6 figures in the team were 3 pairs of Pulse Carbine duplicates. The first thing I did was swap guns between a Rail Rifle and duplicate body.

The Rail Rile fit nicely. But I was unable to fit the Pulse Carbine 2-handed. I attached the Pule Carbine leaving the left arm handles and nothing to hold on to. I dug into the Pathfinder plastic kit and found a binocular bit to complete the model. I really like how this pose turned out.

The other conversion was a simple head swap on the Shas'ui. I positioned the head looking in a different direction. All my Fire Warrior teams have a bear headed leader, so I wanted the same for this team.

No conversions here--Just assembled a bunch of drones... 11 in total: A Marker Drone, 2 Gun Drones, 4 Shield Drones, 2 Grav-inhibitor Drones, a Pulse Accelerator Drone and a Recon Drone.

After taking inventory in my Tau bitz box, I discovered I had 41 Gun Drones unassembled--24 of them will be built as-is, but the rest will be converted into Shield and Marker Drones.

To fill in all the drones that I spec'd out in my army, I still need about 20 more Gun Drones.

Made some progress on my son's Dreadnoughts. I found an unopened pint bottle of paint stripper that I bought from a model train store about 20 years ago. It did the trick on these bad boys. Although I got a little rough scrubbing and knocked off an arm, both smoke launchers, and a banner pole.

A number of years back I scored a plastic dread arm with an assault cannon from an ebay bitz lot. I think I will replace one of the multi-meltas with it. I will also add a few detail bits and something to cover up the banner pole hole.

That about wraps up today's update.