Monday, January 20, 2014

Giants Among Us

Another post in my Retro series. This one includes minis painted by me and a number from my Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures collection. There is a GW knight in each picture for scale.

This giant skeleton is a Grenadier miniature that I have had for years. I painted it up during my D&D campaign about 8 years ago. I added a downed hero on the base (origin unknown). The base is a little weird--I added a "green slime"  in the middle of the base for some reason.

Here is a trio of Hill Giants and a Rock Giant. The four of them are from different companies and bought many years ago. They were painted around 10 years ago. The bases are my "deluxe" treatment from that era.

D&D Miniatures
Behir and a pair of Fiendish Tyrannosauruses

D&D Miniatures
A pair of Treants

I included a GW Treant in this shot. You can see the other "Treemen" figures in my collection in this post.

D&D Miniatures
A Warforged Titan and a huge Fire Elemental

The mini versions of the titanic creatures are based on 50mm GW monstrous creature bases. Yoiu can find the rest of my Warforged/Iron Golem and my Fire Elemental collection here and here.

D&D Miniatures
A Pit Fiend, a Bluespawn Godslayer, and a Glabrezu

D&D Miniatures
A pair of Nightwalkers and a pair of Bulettes

A pair of Cloud Giants and a Storm Giant

A pair of Fomorians

Fire and Ice

We end the collection with a quartet consisting of: A Frost Giant, King Snurre (a Fire Giant), a Fire Giant Forgepriest, and a plain old Fire Giant. 

I don't know if these kind of posts are of any interest. But I ride the fence between role-player and war-gamer and between hobbyist and collector. In all cases, I like eye candy on the table. These models, figures or toys help to create such a scene.