Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Salamander Progress Chart

I decided to "donate" some of the "newer" figures in my collection to my son's Salamander army. Most of my army dates to 1-2e and some of these models looked out of place. Plus, it made my son VERY happy!
  • 3 Land Speeders from 3e boxed set
  • Tac squad from Battle of Macragge (4e) boxed set
  • Captain and Tac squad from Assault on Black Reach (5e) boxed set
  • MkII Rhino with bitz to make Predator
  • MkII Land Raider
  • Bitz to make Chaplain on bike
  • 2 MkII metal Dreadnoughts

My first post ever on this blog and 3 of the first 4 posts were all about the figures I painted for my son's first 40K army. I don't think I ever listed what the origins of those figures were:
  • 24 marines from 2e boxed set
  • 2 Scout Sergeants (first plastic scouts produced--cir 2e?)
  • Terminator Librarian and 10 Terminators from 1e Space Hulk (and expansions)
  • 14 marines from Space Crusade.

I did a fair amount of conversions to assemble the Assault and Devastator squads and on the Tactical squad's flamers and heavy bolters. Except for the chaplain, none of the new figures will need conversions.

The Dreadnoughts were a bonus in a tank lot I purchased on eBay about 2 years ago. They are crudely painted and need stripping.

Here is a progress chart for the entire army. Since Deathbot and I have been playing 40K somewhat regularly, I will likely be moving into production on some of this new lot.

I am terrible at wrapping posts up, so I will leave it at TTFN!