Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Star Wars Monopoly

Back in October, I acquired a copy of Star Wars Monopoly at Goodwill. It was missing Han Solo, so I turned to eBay to find the missing piece.

While looking for Han, I discovered there were three versions of a classic Star Wars Monopoly with some variation in the selection of pawns. I was able to pick up a Han in a set from a different version as well as a few other characters. The game comes with 8 pawns, and I have assembled 15 uniqe characters.

We played a game the other day and they were easily knocked over. So I based them on 20 mm MDF bases from GF9.

I would like to paint them up similar to how I painted my Clue pawns. The base edge with be color coded to Empire or Rebel as there is a mechanic in the game that plays off which faction you are playing.