Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Re-Coloring Tau

I saw Sean's Tau over on L33tLike.us and fell in love with his paint scheme! So much so in fact, that I am considering re-painting my Tau is that vein. Following is a side-by-side comparison of a proof of concept next to my current paint scheme.

Sometimes my phone does a much better job than my
camera... this is one of those cases!
These are painted to similar standards, although the proof is missing some of the small details. At this point I am ready to rock this new paint scheme. I will resist the urge to follow my usual protocol by *not* re-painting all the "brown/tan" Tau before I start new ones.

That is what crippled my Space Marines--I paint up 40 models; Come back years later and tweak the scheme/improve my technique; Re-do half of the previously painted figures instead of painting new ones!

I do have a few Tau that will not be repainted (or at least mostly). They are my Sniper & Drones Team. I came up with an alt scheme to the "brown/tan" to indicate stealth. It is a dark red and I think they will fit in well with the new scheme.

Oh yeah! Today is my Birthday!! Last week I sold some Magic: the Gathering cards (about $400 worth)  to fund a small birthday shopping spree. My Tau got a few reinforcements. After everything comes in, I will share my pile of loot with you.