Friday, October 4, 2013


Taken from interwebs without permission
I have refined a salsa recipe that has become popular with friends and family. I make it by feel, so each batch is a little different. But that doesn't stop 4 32-oz mason jars from disappearing in a flash!

Because I make this recipe "on the fly", it is hard to quantify some of the ingredients. Although some ingredients, like the peppers and tomatoes its easy to. I will indicate which ingredients are a guesstimate with an " * ".


4 Beefsteak Tomatoes
3 Bell Peppers (1ea red, orange, yellow)
1 Poblano Pepper
2 Anaheim Peppers
15 Jalapeno Peppers
8 Serrano Peppers
2 large Red Onions
2 bunches of Cilantro
4 cloves Elephant Garlic
1 can Re-fried Beans (salsa style)
1-tbs* Salt
1-tbs* Pepper
1-tbs* Smoked Paprika
1-tbs* Chili Powder
1-tbs* Ground Cumin
1/2-c* Lemon Juice
1/2-c* Rice Vinegar

Roast all the peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Take the peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro and dice, chop, or place in a food processor (your preference). I use a Ninja kitchen appliance. It is similar to a food processor and I blend all the ingredients down to a slurry. Place in a large mixing bowl

Add in all the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly.

This batch will yield between 3-4 32-oz mason jars.