Friday, October 11, 2013

Clowning Around

As it seems easier for me to start projects than to finish them, I started yet another one! 

It all started a couple weeks ago, when I had my personal HeroClix collection out looking for the name of a specific figure. Deathbot wandered by to see what all the ruckus was about. He asked if he could play with them and I said yes. A little while later, I walked by and saw one of my HorrorClix bins open and noticed the "circus" folk. I thought... what about a clown themed gang! Something like a cross between a Necromunda Goliath gang and a clown from a slasher movie.

So here we have the first installment of the clown gang. These figs are all from a eBay store inventory. I chose to keep these guys armed only with melee and flame weapons. I thought it would be a nice change up to the usual fair. Also, our Dark Heresy group is headed towards an under water hive on the next mission--Firearms are banned there.

I started hacking up the the figures before I remembered to take a pic. These are all HorrorClix figures. The pair on the left are Jesters, the middle one is a Mime Monster, and the last one is a Luchador.

Here is the group shot. I really like how these are turning out and would love to make a second group of five. Unfortunately, I only have 2 more Jesters. Might have to troll eBay for the rest, or get more creative! Here is a run down the mods so far:
  • Jester 1: Removed original arm and added bare left arm from a HeroClix fig.
  • Luchador: Pried open his hand and gave him a Skaven flail; Added 2 Flagellant weapons on the ends of the big "stick"; Added a Night Goblin head. I am considering making the nose a clown nose.
  • Jester 2: Re-positioned the right arm and head.
  • Mime Monster: Removed hands, and added 2 Skaven hands with blades.
  • Larken: This is a Ramshackle Games mini. I added a SM loincloth and an Orc choppa to his hilt. I may green stuff a "clown fro".
In addition to the clown gang, I also started 4 other 5-man groups. All of these groups I intend for use in Dark Heresy although I admit they will likely look more suited to a modern setting.
  • Cabal: A mix of male/female sorcerer types. I plan on painting them with a common main color and accent with a unique color for each.
  • Security: Dudes with guns and light armor. I want them to pull duty as PDF or private security.
  • Gang 1: Chicks with guns. Some with light armor. Will be interchangeable with Gang 2.
  • Gang 2: Chicks with melee. Some with light armor. Will be interchangeable with Gang 1.
I saved a handful of additional figures that could easily represent a personality, but I probably wont get to them for quite awhile.

In future posts I will detail my progress with the other groups. I have actually removed all of them from their HeroClix bases and made modifications to 3-4 of them.