Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So here is a little update on my Clue figures. I started laying in color on all the accessories. I am keeping this to 2 color (3 on the skin). No blending--Just simple cuts. Some of the detail is nice, but most of the hands and faces are terrible. I do not think I could make sense out of it if I was blending the colors.

This is taking me much longer than I anticipated. Partly due to my botching the spray primer. I must not have shaken the can enough as I got this weird powdery rough texture all over. It grabs the brush and absorbs a lot of paint, making the process take longer.

Painting a squad of 10 guys at the same time is not new to me, but this is 10 individuals with many unique colors. While I tried to reuse the secondary colors as often as I could, there was still about 40 colors that went into this project!

One change I made was to remove Sgt Grey's left hand and add a HeroClix Hydra Medic's hand with gun.

This isn't the best picture, but the colors are actually quite close (on my monitor).