Monday, October 7, 2013

Blood Bowl Progress Chart

I love what Admiral Drax does with his visual progress charts and I am going to blatantly rip off his idea! :)

To start off with, I have a chart for my Blood Bowl teams--My favorite GW game!!

I haven't made any progress on these figures for many years, although I did send part of my Orc team to a painting service thinking it would jump start the effort. (check out this article on the subject)

The Dwarf, Halfling, and Dark Elf teams are essentially done (not counting figure needed). The Chaos team's second paint job is close to completion, and the Goblin, Human, Orc, and Skaven teams have been re-primered and their second painting is underway. The other teams are in complete disarray!

In future posts I will continue to document my progress with similar charts for Necromunda, BFG, Space Marines, ad Tau. I will also post group shots of teams/units as the are completed (or for previous un-posted work) and as I make progress. I would like to chart my RPG projects, but I'm not sure how to implement that (yet).

Hopefully this will make a little more sense to the viewer as I tend to jump around a lot from project to project.