Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bloodbowl Showcase - Greenfield Packers (Halflings)

Almost 3 years to the day since my last Blood Bowl Team Showcase! In writing this post, I also made some updates to the Dwarf Warhammer's post.

I really enjoy playing this team. Simply for the rare chance of pulling off a one turn TD! I love the Throw Team Mate skill!! The full team roster consists of:

  • Coach
  • 2 Assistant Coaches
  • Wizard
  • 4 Cheerleaders
  • 14 Halflings
  • 2 Treeman
  • Puggy Baconbreath
  • Deeproot Strongbraanch

Here is a group shot. I don't know why I didn't include all the regular player nor why I included the Star Player, Puggy Baconbreath (the is the right most Halfling with the big spike on his shoulder pad. All these figure are 2e with one or two 3e Halflings.

These two were apparently late showing up for the team picture.

This is the Star Player Treeman, Deeproot Strongbranch. He is an old figure I had (Grenadier I think). I made the shoulder pads out of plasticard and made the rivets out of plastic tubing.

Here are two Assistant Coaches and the Halfling Master Chef. I made the assistant coaches out of old GW metal Halfling spearmen and fabricated the clipboard (plasticard and paper) and trophy (Eldar weaponry).

Halfling Apothecary is a D&D miniature that came out around 2000.

The female cheerleader is also a 2000 circa D&D figure with greenstuff pom-poms. The Halfling Master Chef's assistants were promoted to cheerleaders where they launch "The Flying Hobbit" into the air every time the Greenfield Packers score.