Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Bowl Showcase: The Dwarf Warhammers

OK, Ill be honest. This post is a deliberate attempt to delay finishing my 2 neglected battle reports vs Laertes' necrons, as I am finding it very difficult to sit down and write the battle report(s)... so now back to stalling...

Blood Bowl is probably (nah... definitely) my favorite Games Workshop game. It wasn't my first introduction to GW games (maybe third or forth), but it was one that captured my imagination, and one I was good at.

The Dwarf Warmammers are one of the iconic teams portrayed in the fluff of the game . This team was primarily played by one of my friends. At the time, there was only one other member of my group that was into modeling, so I wound up buying and painting almost everyone's team(s) - although one buddy did split the cost of figures with me. I didn't mind as I like painting as much as playing, and I consider myself an avid collector, and a "consumerist".

Even though my gaming group rarely plays this game anymore, I keep tabs on the living rule book found at GW Specialists site, <here>. Over the years I have occasionally gone back and updated a team to comply with the current rules set. Primarily this was refreshing the paint job, adding the support staff, but sometimes included re-purposing and/or adding new player positions.

In the case of the Dwarf Warhammers, throwers, catchers and linemen were phased out, while 2 runners and 2 troll slayers were added to the roster. The team in its current form (LRB5 rules set) has 15 regular players.
  • 9 Blockers (plastic Dungeon Bowl linemen and 2nd edition metal blockers)
  • 2 Runners (re-purposed 2nd edition kickers)
  • 2 Blitzers (converted WHFB regiment dwarves from the "original" white plastic box set)
  • 2 Troll Slayers

They are supported by 5 secret weapon players/star players to round out a team of 20 players. Except for Ironjaw, these are all 2nd edition figures.
  • Deathroller
  • Boomer Eziasson
  • Grim Ironjaw
  • Flint Churnblade
  • "Tin Man" (this guy is from the WHFB range, and has been a counts-as ogre ally, counts-as second deathroller, and also a homebrew secret weapon)

The more "recent" additions to this team are in the support staff. Early on, other than the occasional cheerleader, casualty, or fan figure I came across, I never bothered with representing "off-the-pitch" characters. It wasn't until I played 3rd edition, and started following some of the fan forums, that I bagan to fill out the support staff.
  • Assistant Coach, Coach, and Casualty (used as an Assistant Coach)
  • Wizard and Apothecary
  • 3 Cheerleaders

Assistant Coach,  Coach, and Assistant Coach,

The left assistant coach is made from an older Dwarf Warriors Regiment set. The coach is a converted Dwarf Thorek Ironbrow. The last Assistant Coach is a 2e Blood Bowl casualty.

The Wizard is an older Rune Lord and the Apothecary is a converted GW Dwarf Hero (that I forgot the name of).

Censored images in keeping safe for work

The middle cheerleader is a 2e Bloodbowl figure. The other two are from Mega Minis--I made the pom-poms out of green stuff.

This team is probably my most "complete" Blood Bowl team. But I have 5 others that are a close to "complete"... The Greenfield Packers, The Black Water Oilers, The Chaos All-Stars, The Bright Axes, and The Darkside Cowboys.