Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to Bases pt 2

Here is the third sample of my basing experiment - Deck Plating. The first two tests can be found at this post: <Back to Bases pt 1>. I like how these turned out, and I will probably re-base my Goliaths in this style, rather than use them on some newer 40K models. I never liked what I did originally with my Goliaths - I used sand and painted it blue.

I made these bases with 1/16" plasticard and plastic canvas mesh. I used a small file to add panel grooves, and 1/32" dia plastic tube for the rivets.

I have considered resin bases in the past. There are a bunch of really great options out there. In fact there is a toxic waste set (cant find it at the moment) that I am (was) really close to getting for my scavies.