Monday, October 12, 2009

Scratch-built Space Marine Jump Packs

This jump pack conversion is based on the original Space Marine metal jump packs circa the early 90's (not the current plastic version).

I started off by snipping the nozzles off of a std plastic back pack (also from the same era). I then took two black 1/2 sphere beads and attached to both ends of a small yellow cylindrical bead (of the same diameter) to make the main jet. Then I sliced two 1/32" thick doughnuts off a 1/8" plastic tube to make the trim on the main jet.

The jetse were attached to the left and right sides of the backpack where the nozzles were cut off. They were positioned at an angle similar to the original. The whole thing was topped off by two little red "cherry" beads on the back!

The backpack is a little smaller, but overall I think it has the same look on the battlefield. Here is an entire unit of assault marines.