Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adeptus Arbites

I have had a portion of this project on my "to do" list for many years. Adeptus-B and I were very active playing Necromunda for almost 2-years, and I was looking to create a new gang. It started with some old 2nd edition plastic space marine scouts that I wanted to convert to a unit of Arbites with power mauls and suppression shields. After converting the first one, I gathered up the remaining bitz needed to convert the rest of a squad. I will add a post later about what I did to convert them.

Later, I picked up a handful of actual Arbites from GW mail order. Unfortunately we stopped playing Necromunda before I got around to them. Well, now that we are playing Dark Heresy, this project not only moved to the top of the list, it has greatly expanded.

I should point out that I have an obsession to make my figures as multi-purpose as possible. This is one reason why I tend towards "generic", similarly styled bases on all of my minis. Only recently have I began to be more creative, but I still try to keep them somewhat "uniform". But it is not just the bases... for fantasy, I kept mindful that my orcs and goblins should be able to fulfill the role of many types of D&D encounters as well as units in a WHFB orc army.

What I have now is 3 character models, 3 5-man units, a bike, and 3 (counts as) rhinos. These will easily be able to function in a wide variety of roles in Dark Heresy, as a very tough gang in Necromunda, or as a detachment to any Imperial-themed army in WH40K.

I found the vehicles at a local Dollar Tree and added various bits from mk1 rhinos, vehicle accessory sprues, and other odd pieces (I will discuss the details in a later post). Amazingly, they have the same foot print as a mk1 rhino. I envision 2 of them as "hummer" style troop transports, and the other as a command or communications vehicle. One of the character models is lightly converted from the Battle For Macragge set, and I have an old GW Judge Anderson and bike from the Judge Dredd line. I wanted to include a cyber-mastiff and handler in this lot, but I can't buy the cyber-mastiff separately from GW anymore. Any ideas?

As I get farther along, I will add some conversion posts, and a then final completed force.