Monday, October 12, 2009

Dark Heresy

I have been away from the blog scene for a while, but I am back, and intend to post on a regular basis. Now on to the topic at hand...

My gaming group finally started our Dark Heresy campaign last week. We have been very anxious to play, but wanted to finish our D&D campaign first (our second 5-year long campaign to boot - a record!) Some members of my group have even been salivating over a 40K RPG since the original Rogue Trader rules came out in the late 80's (yeah, we're old)!!

I will occasionally post an update to our campaign, but primarily I will be showcasing the figures and models we have been creating for the game. I was the GM for both D&D campaigns, but Adeptus-B will be stepping into that roll for Dark Heresy. He is also an exceptional hobbyist, and will have many contributions in the future.

Adeptus-B and I both have been busy creating an "inventory" of sci-fi figures. I easily have over 1000 figures to represent the various players, adversaries and monsters for a fantasy setting, but only a small handful of characters for a modern or sci-fi setting.

Here are a few examples of Adeptus-B's work...