Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Attack of the Six-Toed Monster

A number of years ago, while I was preparing for a gaming session of Dungeons and Dragons, I was attacked by a giant feline monster. Following is the documented account of the story.

My players were going to be delving into an ancient dungeon complex, and I had recently purchased a modular dungeon system made by WizKids (under their MageKnight line) just for this adventure.

After I built a portion of the dungeon, I set up a fake encounter to try out how the practical aspect of playing out a combat in a 3D environment. I expected (and hoped) it would be much different that simply drawing on a battle mat.

I continued building more of the entrance level of the complex, and making sure that there would be adequate space in each room for the designed encounters. Ill have to admit that I got a little involved "playing with toy soldiers" at this point, but hey... I was having fun!

Suddenly the table shook!

Pieces flew all over the place... figures fell down... wall and floor pieces scattered! I panicked and scrambled to pick up the mess.

Then it happened...

The foul beast showed herself!

She was huge... looming above the dungeon!

I tried to rescue my soldiers before the feline creature began playing her terrible "cat and mouse" game with them... or even worse... before she ate them!!

But before I could do anything the creature entered the dungeon.

She circled the complex claiming her new territory.

Then... I couldn't believe what I was witness to...

The foul beast sat down to take a nap!

A true story inspired by the holidays... Happy Halloween!