Friday, October 23, 2009

My Son's Second Army pt 2

I have had most of the figures accumulated for my son's second army for quite awhile now... an Ork Horde. Recently, I scored the bitz for 3 runtherders off eBay. Much like my son's first army there are some guidelines I am sticking to:

  • All plastic
  • Extensive use of "uni-body" models (especially ones already in my bitz box!!)
  • Conversions are limited to arm swaps and backpacks
  • All conversions need to be pinned
  • Some eBay purchases are OK (unneccessary for the first army)

Essentially its gotta be kid friendly, durrable, cheap, and quick. You can see some samples of what I did with his first army <here>. I dont have as many orks in my bitz box as I did space marines... plus my goal is to create an army of equal points value (1500), so I have had to turn to some interesting places to fill out this army. My first endeavor was using all of my (and some of Laertes') old Blood Bowl orcs with a choppa and slugga arm added (<sample>), which I scored 30 pair for about $8 on eBay.

The second task was filling out the ranks of existing ork and gretchin models from the 2nd edition box set. I now have enough gretchins (and runtherders), but I am still about 10-12 orks short for the second unit of boyz. The army is currently two-thirds the points of where it should be:

  • Warboss (black reach)
  • 30 Boyz (blood bowl conversions) and Nob (black reach)
  • 30 Boyz (2nd edition box set) and Nob (black reach)
  • 30 Gretchins (2nd edition box set) and 3 Runtherds (eBay)
  • 12 Stormboyz (multi-part boyz bitz) and Nob (black reach)

To fill out the rest of the army I will probably use my black reach deffkoptas and some looted rhinos. I could do a unit of bikes, but I was saving those for my ork army!! Some custum killer kans would be fun, but may be too delicate for the 6 year old abuse they will have to endure.

I did a quick test the other day for a new (to me) painting technique for this army. In hind sight, I wish I had chosen a different chapter for my son's marines. Both armies being predominently green is a bit of a problem. So I decided to try base coating the orks in their armor color. I bought a can of Krylon® Fusion for Plastics® Satin Boot Brown paint (thanks to Laertes for doing the leg work on research).

After the "primer" dried, I applied a layer of Devlan Mud. After that dried, I drybushed a layer of Boltgun metal and then just a little bit of chainmail. I like how it turned out... and its fast!! At this stage, I only have a base color for all the non-metal parts. I will probably apply a wash and 1 layer of hilight.

On a side note, this color is also perfect for my tau... I probably wont use it on the troops as the it coats a little thick, but I will definately use it on my new objective markers, and maybe a tank or two.