Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to Bases pt 3

The fourth installment to my themed base project is called City Streets. I will definitely use this style of base on my Adeptus Arbites.

This is a very simple and quick conversion.

I covered one-third to two-thirds of the base with a piece of 1/16" plasticard. Then I glued 150 grit sandpaper to the plasticard and 100 grit sandpaper to the other part of the base. I used a small piece of standard window screen to make the storm drain.

I painted the asphalt Chaos Black and drybrushed Shadow Gray. The sidewalk is based with Ash Gray (Reaper Pro Paints) and drybrushed with Fortress Gray. The storm drain is Tin Bitz with a little bit of Dwarf Bronze. Finally I painted the grooves in the sidewalk with Armor Gray (Reaper Pro Paints) and Fortress Gray.

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