Friday, October 23, 2009

Tau Objective Markers WIP pt 2

OK, I got three of the objective markers assembled and base coated...

COMMAND/COMMUNICATIONS TOWER: I decided not to include a mini on this piece. However, I did leave a clearing on the base to allow a figure to be placed by the little fly-out control panel.

FUEL DEPOT: The plastic cap that makes up the core of this piece, didn't take the paint well... I probably should have washed it first!! On the other hand, zap-a-gap didn't like it either, so it may not have mattered. As a precaution, I pinned all the add on bitz.

POWER GENERATOR: This was the easiest of the group. Although, I probably should have painted the inside of the hatch doors before final assembly.

If you missed it, here is <WIP 1> to this project.