Friday, October 30, 2009

Tau Objective Markers Showcase

I have completed the first 3 of my Tau objective markers: A power station, a fuel depot, and a comm tower. These are the first army themed objective markers I have ever made, however I did make a few generic markers for Necromunda. You can check my earlier WIP posts about the Tau markers <WIP 1> and <WIP 2>.

POWER STATION: In hind sight, I think the power plant may be a little small, but I do like how it turned out. Although, keeping it on a 60mm base I'm not really sure how much bigger I could have made it.

FUEL DEPOT: This is my least favorite of the three... I should have done more modifications to the cap that I used as the basis for this piece... All I can see is the cap with some bitz glued to it!

COMM STATION: This is my favorite objective marker so far. The original plan was to have a technician interfacing with the console, but I opted for versatility and left a clear space on the base to place a figure.