Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cold Blooded | Fantasy RPG Figure Collection (part 8)

'Ere we gots ssome snakeses and ssome ribbiterz...

A small group of reptiles and amphibians. Although, these don't come into use too often. 

Not much to say about these guys. The only ones I painted are 2, 4, 8, and 9.
  1. A D&D Miniature Giant Grog (mid 00s)
  2. This is a wood sculpted toy/trinket (early 80s)
  3. A D&D Miniature Giant Grog (mid 00s))
  4. A GW Talisman Toad (late 80s)
  5. A D&D Miniature Displacer Serpent (mid 00s)
  6. A D&D Miniature Fiendish Snake(mid 00s)
  7. A D&D Miniature Iron Cobra (mid 00s)
  8. I no longer remember where this mini came from (early 80s)
  9. And #8s partner (early 80s)
Thats all for this post. Hope you come back again!

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