Saturday, May 31, 2014

Small World Rules Index

A board game rules reference sheet to round out the month!

I have compiled all of the Small World Rules, Variants, Races, Powers, Relics and Places into a quick reference document.

Small World Realm came with some Righteous Relics and Popular Places tokens that did not have corresponding rules. I have included my home brew rules ( a few were taken from the interwebs) for these items.

The Crypt of Hen: The player who discovers the Crypt of Hen immediately places the Rooster Knight on the same region. Once per turn (including the turn discovered), the Rooster Knight may move to or conquer an adjacent Region using a single Race token, regardless of the number of enemy tokens defending it. The Region is now immune to enemy conquests as well as to their racial and special powers until the Rooster Knight moves. During each new turn, you may move the Rooster Knight to a different adjacent Region. When you go into Decline, the Rooster Knight goes back to the Crypt of Hen and is placed back in the storage tray.

The Crystal Amulet of Yeti Summoning: Once per turn... use amulet to summon a yeti... must be on or adjacent to a mountain region... amulet remains in adjacent space?... yeti disappears at the beginning of next turn... may not summon to same place twice... use amulet to mark previous region.

The Head of the Skeleton King: During your Troop Redeployment, take 1 new Race token from the storage tray for every 2 non-empty Regions you conquered this turn, and add it to the troops you redeploy at the end of your turn. If there are no more tokens in the storage tray, you do not receive any additional tokens.

The Immunity Idol: At the end of his turn, the player who controls The Immunity Idol, may place it on any of his controlled regions. The Region is now immune to enemy conquests as well as to their racial and special powers until the Immunity Idol moves. The immunity Idol remains (but can no longer be moved) even if the troops that occupy that region are In Decline.

The Windmill of Fortune: At the end of the turn, the player whose troops occupy the Windmill of Change Region rolls the reinforcement die. Receive one Victory coin for each pip rolled.

You can download a PDF of the file here. It is formatted to print as an 5.5"x 8.5" booklet.

Let me know if you find any omissions or mistakes. That's all for now!