Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ultimate Monopoly

I came across this fan-made variant for Monopoly the other day while researching my own fan-made variant of Monopoly!

Much like my Risk Omega Project, I have been working on a Monopoly Omega project. My aim is to combine Mega Monopoly, Monopoly City, Super Add-on, Monopoly Stock Exchange, and a few ideas of my own. While I was compiling data, I came across this board.

Jonizaak from Deviant Art created this Ultimate Monopoly board as well as rules to go with it. Another artist created a set of cards. To my amazement, this project is about 85% of what I was in the process of developing!

The main element I would like to add is Monopoly City Bonus Buildings, Hazards, Industrial Buildings, Stadiums and Railroads.

That's all for now!