Thursday, May 22, 2014

Air Superiority | Fantasy RPG Figure Collection (part 9)

A smorgasbord of flying thingies!

Can't have too many flying pests to annoy an adventuring party with. This installment of my RPG Figure Collections focuses on small flying creatures.

This is a GW Vampire Counts Bat Swarm.

A flock of GW Warmaster Carrion

These are actually sci-fi creatures. I based them of fantasy (square) bases as I wanted to bolster my selection of monsters for D&D. They are fGW Necromunda Ripper Jacks.

Lastly, here is a selection of various familiars--A hawk, cat, owl, and eagle.

All but 2 minis were painted within days of each other about 10-12 years ago. They were speed painted (and based)--Base cote, dry-brush hi-light, and ink wash... done! It took a total of about 2 hours from primer to matte cote for the lot. 

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