Monday, May 19, 2014

My Son's Invented Soldiers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today is my son's 11 birthday. In honor of this momentous occasion, here is a post for him.

My son asked if he could design his own soldier. After some rummaging around my bitz boxes and a few veto's, here is the mock up he came up with.

The body is from an old set of multi-part Space Marines. The arms are Space Orcs, and the head is from the old FB Skeleton regiment box. Very simple, but I think he will look really cool! If I have the time and the gumption I will add a few tattered bitz and baubles.

Deathbot describes him as an undead mutated Imperial Guardsman in power armor. He wanders the galaxy searching for his homeworld. Once he gets back with his people he will be their eternal defender.

How Deathbot explains the Space Marine armor is telling of his gaming pedigree--the armor "leveled up"!