Sunday, May 18, 2014

Talisman 2ed Figure Collection (part 1)

Talisman is one of my favorite GW games. This series will likely be 6-7 installments.

Back in the day, I managed to acquire Talisman and all of the official expansions (and figures!). More recently (15 years ago) I started to convert some figures from my bitz box for the few characters that did not have official versions. I also downloaded a digital copy of a Polish-only expansion called Talisman Cave from

The game is definitely dated--It suffers from bloated and uneven rules. But the charm is still there for me. I break it out everyone and awhile to rediscover the lengthy game play. Then promptly put it back on the shelf!

I keep the entire set of figures in a Plano 3700 tackle box tray (as are most of my figures). They get more use in RP games than in Talisman nowadays.

Before the City expansion (1988) I had completed painting every figure to date except 2. Around the late 90s, I repainted almost all of them (indicated by the light green "Finished (old style)" boxes). The dark green (Finished "New Style") represents a second repaint. Most of them were done around 10 years ago, but The Timescape figs were done here--I used them as prominent NPCs in our Dark Heresy campaign.

At the time, I normally painted the base edge in black, but my Talisman figs were painted dark green to help identify them after a late night session full of fun and alcohol! Once I had a dozen or so bases painted (and on the gamin table), I started to really like the look of a dark color that compliments the base rather that stark black. To this day, I paint all my figure's base edge with a dark color.

Unfortunately, all of the pictures in this series turned out a little over exposed. It was very bright out that day, and from the screen on my camera they looked good. It wasn't until the next day when I downloaded all the images to my computer that I realized they could have been better.

So the first up are the Sorceress, Scout, Prophetess, and Swordsman.  The most recent paint job can be identified by the 2-tone base. It this light it is hard to tell, but the newer style is richer, has more blend steps, and is more adeptly applied.

Next we have the Druid, Rogue, Monk, and Priest. All of the older style skin tones are flat and sickly. The Rogue has a livelier and richer color in real life.

[edit: The Druid and Priest pictured above are not the official minis. The actual versions of these minis will be seen in a later post.]

Hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane and check back to see the rest of the collection. Cheers!