Thursday, May 29, 2014

Talisman 2ed Figure Collection (part 2)

Here is part 2 of the look at my Talisman Figure Collection.

30 years later, I am still impressed by these sculpts. Yes they are comical and disproportionate... but THEY HAVE CHARACTER!!!

The Knight, Warrior, Soldier, and Gladiator

At some point, I replaced the Knight's shield with a newer style--I believe it originally came with the same shield that is on the Soldier. Back in the day, Citadel plastic shields were ground breaking! They had holes smack dab in the middle, which were never as big as the bulbous knob on the shield bearer's wrist. I jest--They really were cool in their day.

The entire range of original Citadel plastic shields!

Speaking of the Soldier, at the time, I was very proud of my freehand shield design. Heck! I'm still proud of it--I'm not sure I could do any better today. The Solder was painted around the same time as the Knight and the Warrior.

The Gladiator was painted more recently and is sporting 3 paint jobs! (I shamelessly admit I'm lazy and rarely strip the paint off my figures when doing a repaint).

The Zulu Warrior, Highlander, Saracen, and Samurai

When I re-re-painted the Zulu Warrior, I spent some time converting him. Actually he is the only original figure that I modified at all (excluding shield swaps). I replaced his horrible spear with a other brand metal one in by bitz box, placing his hand farther back on the shaft (the back part of the spear has broken off). I also made the shield out of plasticard as there was nothing in the GW range that resembled the character's image. lastly, I attached a sword hilt and a toothpick behind the shield.

The Highlander and the Saracen were re-painted at the same time. I never got the plaid to look right, but I passes on the table. There is a little freehand on the Sarecen's shield that I wish I had black-lined. These two were the unfortunate recipients of a near fatal accident--I accidentally grabbed a can of white primer instead of mate cote!! The damage is not terrible, but is noticeable.

I never finished the Samurai. I actually got a little farther painting him the first time around. I hit him with white primer and plocked out a little color during the re-re-paint stage.

That's all for now. See you next time!