Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dark Heresy Character Showcase – Adept

A much delayed and forgotten post.

This model was originaly an Imperial Guard/Astra MilitarumMaster of Ordinance, Regimental Adviser. He is now operating as our Dark Heresy's Adept (for the non-40K player, he is a scholar within the military bureaucracy).

There was no conversion work on this mini. Although I did swap the comms pack for a couple belt pouches and grenade.

All the "hard" armor has been hit with a gloss varnish after the entire model was sprayed with a matte coat. The deck plating base was made with strips of plasticard.

Obligatory 360° views. I Almost forgot to mention... the "grease" spot on the base is salsa--A little food collateral damage!

I experimented with exposure settings on my camera. While the colors are spot on, unfortunately the images are very grainy. Hopefully, I will get it right next time.

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That's all I have for today. Until next time!