Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to Bases Showcase: Deck Plating & Sandstone Tiles

I completed a minimum squad's worth of bases for 2 of my custom base themes - Deck Plating and Sandstone Tiles. I tend to do very well with assembly line painting, and actually prefer working on at least 2 similar models at the same time. That coupled with usually not remembering how I accomplished something a few weeks down the road, mass-producing these bases has not been a huge challenge.

For my Necromunda Goliaths, I will need a total of 21x 25mm and 2x 40mm bases for the gang, another 3x 25mm bases for Hired Guns, plus a few extras for future additions.

I plan to keep most of the bases very similar to the 6 above, but the 40mm and about 4x 25mm bases will be "exotic" with more detail or a "special scene".

I am still not sure where I will use these bases, but will probably do at least 4 more regardless of where I end up using them.

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