Saturday, November 7, 2009

TOEMP Challenge #7 - Update 2

Well, I didn't quite finish the unit... but was very close. Here is the status as of midnight Friday. Some edge highlighting, the lenses, drybrush the boulders, and static grass and I can call this done. This may be technically "done" as far as the challenge is concerned, but they aren't done in my eyes, so I'll take the -3pts for missing the deadline.

I tried something new on this project, and I'm not sure I like it... the blue tip on the plasma cannon. I'll either paint the other 2 to match, or "undo" the experiment.

Overall I'm pleased with the turnout, and how quickly I got done what I did. Not the best quality nor at record breaking speed... but "good" quality none the less! Ill have these done by Sunday, and will look forward to Challenge #8. In the mean time, I will probably look to tackle the past challenges!

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