Thursday, November 12, 2009

TOEMP CHALLENGE #6 - Playing Catch Up

I joined the TOEMP group late, so I missed out on the first 6 challenges. So, I would like to go back and complete these missed projects. The first "Catch Up" project will be challenge 6. This was a tough challenge - lots of options and bonuses:

  • Option 1: Units of Troops and/or Elites/Special in any combination (135 pts) - Req: Use a new technique from the Easy Section of Individual Challenges
  • Option 2: Unit of Heavy Support/Special (Any pts) - Req: Use a new technique from the Moderate Section of Individual Challenges
  • Option 3: An HQ/Lord (Any pts) - Req: Use a new technique from the Hard Section of Individual Challenges
  • Bonus Challenge: Complete either a unit of Troops (50 pts), the largest model you own (Any pts), or a unit of Fast Attack/Special (Any pts)
  • A Full On Conversion.
  • Every Painting Technique You Know.

I am choosing Option 3 - A Commander Shas'o/el with 2 drones plus 2 bodyguards. The commander is going to be a full on conversion using pieces from a yet-to-be-chosen mange robot model. I have a small collection of said models and a few still in the box.

I also plan to do something I have never done before - paint the models before they are fully-assembled!! Specifically, I will assemble everything except for the arms.