Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to Bases pt 4

This is truly a first for me. I have dabbled with green stuff before with minor conversions, filling in gaps, or completing a simple existing element on a figure, but I have never "sculpted" anything from scratch.

Last week, Laertes and I were talking about what base style to use for his tyranid army. I suggested a kind of Gigeresque bio-alien ground covering, and was inspired to mock-up an example.

This was surprisingly relatively quick and easy to sculpt. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I started with a small ball of green stuff and flattened it into a rough shape that I liked. Then I pushed in the pod holes. Once I was satisfied with the those, I added small grooves on the interior of the holes, and stippled a light texture to the exterior. Finally, I added a few beads (pods) in some of the pod holes.

There is one pointer I can offer. In the past I have used water to keep my tools from sticking to the green stuff. The problem is water only works once or twice, and then it is necessary to dip your tool in the water again. A while back I came across this tip on the web (I apologize to the original poster for not remembering who)... but KY Jelly is more viscous and lasts much longer, to allow you to freely keep sculpting.

I painted the exterior with Scaly Green, then a mix or Scaly Green and Bleached Bone, and finally blending to pure Beached Bone. The interior is painted with Macharite Red, then a mix of Macharite Red and Bleached bone, and then blended to Bleached Bone.

This is the 4th style of detailed bases I have recently worked on - I'll call it Alien Ground. I don't think they will see use in Laertes' army. But even if that's the case, I think my modest pile of genestealers will eventually be running across this ground!

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