Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ion Cannon Mod

Here is a simple conversion I did to a Tau Ion Cannon. I never liked the "stubby" look of the out of the box version so here is my attempt at fixing it.

First I took a 1/4" tube and a 1/4" I-Beam from my bitz box and cut them to the desired length of the extension. Then I trimmed off 2 of the "legs" of the I-Beam, turning it into a channel, or U-Beam. Even though there was an additional step, I chose an I-Beam over a U-Beam because the I-Beam "legs" are tapered and fit flush with the tube when placed.

I then glued the tube into the channel, sanded the seam flush, and added little bit of putty. I flush mounted the extension to both the base and end of the barrel. I decided pinning was not necessary if I used CA+ thick gel glue.