Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TOEMP Challenge #7 - First Look

  • Option 1: Unit of Fast Attack/Special (60 pts)
  • Option 2: An HQ/Lord (60 pts)
  • Option 3: Unit of Elites/Special (55 pts)
  • Bonus Challenge 1: Objective markers
  • Bonus Challenge 2: Command Vehicle
  • Bonus Challenge 3: Special Character w/ optional custom spec/datasheet
  • Bonus Challenge 4: Scenery
I chose Challenge Option 3 - A unit of Elites. At this stage of the competition, with only 2 days left, the only Bonus Challenge I would even consider is a small piece of scenery.

Today, I got the unit for my first TOEMP Challenge cleaned, assembled and magnetized. I will primer these before I crash, so they will be ready to base coat and highlight tomorrow. Then I will add details and finish the base the day after that.

The wargear and weapons make this is a 196 point unit... It will be a fireknife unit (missle pods, plasma rifles, and multi trackers) with a shas'vre team leader.

I've gone pretty gung-ho on my Tau with magnetizing all the battlesuits and tanks. Each Crisis battlesuit get 4x 1/8" dia. x 1/16" thick, Grade N42, Nickel Plated magnets, and all wargear and weapons get the same. But if they are too small, I use a 1/16" dia. x 1/32" thick, Grade N50, Nickel Plated magnet instead.