Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poll Results: Classic Game Boxes

I posted a poll back in December asking you if it was worth selling my old game boxes. Well, 85% of you thought it was worth it.

So, they will be added to the growing pile of items to be sold on eBay. If any of you are interested, I will entertain any reasonable offers!

Thanks for your feedback!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A new Contributor!

I would like to welcome a new contributor to the blog... (drum roll please)... Lord Grimskull!... (cymbal crash)

Lord Grimskull is a member of our Dark Heresy and Deathwatch campaigns, where he plays a feral scum (pic above) and a Salamander apothecary. He also is part of our board game group, the GM of another group, an artist (he drew the line art for my band's poster), and will be running a play test group of D&D 5e.

He recently did his own green stuff work on the next version of his Dark Heresy character. It is an amazing job--Especially as a first attempt. I will be painting the model and will post a showcase when I am finished.

I can't wait to try out D&D 5e! We have made our characters (most of us) and will run a sample combat before actually putting boots on the [campaign] ground.

That's all I have to say... I will let Lord Grimskull take it from here. I look forward to reading his musings!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dark Heresy Character WIP - Psyker

Here is a very WIP shot of the next incarnation (3rd) of my DH character. I have had the pieces assembled for quite a while (ever since my character picked up a shield and a waist coat) but have struggled over the various other details. Originally I had him with his sword in hand and the head slated to be removed ( replaced with the full-face mask helmet now hanging from the back pack).

The figure is a Necromunda Kal Jerico; the back pack is from Secret Weapons; the 2 holsters are from Forge World; the shield is a mk1 Rhino armor plate; the sword is from an older style chaos warrior sprue; tucked away out of sight under the shield arm is a pair of grenades and an inquisitorial shield from the Grey Knights sprue (I think); the helmet is from Wargames Factory; and the "fire ball"/hand is from a Warhammer Quest mini (a Sage?) with crystal ball.

I still need to add pistol grips sticking out of the holsters and build up the flame "fingers" on the fire ball with more liquid greenstuff--I think that will do it for the conversion. The paint scheme will be based on enforcer/arbite colors (medium blues for everything but the coat which will be medium brown) as that is where the armor, helmet, jack coat and shield came from.

You can check out the previous figures of this character, and the entire acolyte cadre here.

My Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes
My Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes mk 2
My Dark Heresy Cadre of Acolytes mk 3

To see other custom Dark Heresy figures click here:

Dark Heresy Character Showcase - Cleric
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Our tech-priest and scum also have new figures. When I get them all finished, I will post a showcase for each mini and a new group shot.

That's it for this post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Arvus Lighter WIP part 2

Here is an pic update on this project. Mostly adding detail and bits.

Originally, I planed on the back hatch being surface detail, but I have committed to making a magnetized door that will drop down as a ramp.

Comments appreciated!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Arvus Lighter WIP

Here is a shot of a WIP "scratch built" Arvus Lighter that has been sitting untouched on my "to do" shelf for over 2 years (the body has been in my blitz box for over 6!). Admittedly this isn't an exact match to the Forge World model. I am basing this project off Googled images and the body and cock pit used for the basis of the model.

The cockpit is a Lego Batman Happy Meal toy boat. The body is a Lego pre-Bionicle Technic robot container. The rest of the parts are miscellaneous bitz, plasticard and foamcore. I did purpose by the nacelles, landing gear (not shown), and other Valkyrie bitz for this project.

I have two more Lego boxes and Batman toys, with the intent to eventually make two more Lighters, but I will have to source more nacelles and landing gear--Assuming this project is a success!

Ideally, this vehicle will be put into immediate service of the Ordo Hereticus by our Dark Heresy acolytes. It's eventual and primary mission will be attached to my rag-tag Imperial Guard force.

If you are interested in reading more about my rag-tag IG force, check out these posts: