Friday, October 10, 2014

I Smell a Rat! | Fantasy RPG Figure Collection (part 12)

Finally wrapping up this series about 3 months late...

I will make the last entry into this series short. Rats (especially Giant Rats) are a staple vermin in any fantasy setting.

As with many of my 'mobs' and generic baddies, these have been basecoated, ink washed, drybrushed with 1-2 layers of highlights, then details added.

Dire Rats/Giant Rats - All of the individual rats are actually sci-fi vermin--Necromunda Mutant Rats. The Giant Rat Swarm (the large base in the back) are from an unknown company.

Rats - All of these figures are from GW. They are originally from Mordheim, Basic Hero Quest and WHFB minis.

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