Sunday, June 23, 2013

Modern/Sci-Fi Vehicles Showcase (pic heavy)

Here are some pics of vehicles I painted for use in our Dark Heresy campaign. The motorcycle is an old Shadowrun figure (date and manufacturer unknown, but lets say in the neighborhood of 20 years old) and the car is a recently purchased WWII commander's car plastic model.

I specifically bought and painted the car for our Dark Heresy acolyte's--It was a loner from the local government during one of our missions. The only addition to this model is the hood ornament, which is from a Space Marine Commander's backpack.

The bike will eventually be part of a rag-tag Rough Riders unit for my "Trow everything we have left" Planetary Defense Force (counts as Imperial Guard), previously discussed here and here. But we needed a bike during the same mission as the commandeered car, so I moved it to the front of the production line! The model's original handlebars were terribly thin and about to break off, so I replaced them with a pair of bars from a Space Marine Bike and added a pair of Space Marine Magnoculars as the headlights.

The bike's base terrain as is the base it self, are scratch built. The base is two 25mm square bases sandwiched between two halves of a 25mm round base. I used bits from my collection comprising of chunks of sprue, model bricks, and old 1:35 car model bitz.

I really like how these turned out. The car is very basic but it fits the role needed, and the bike will look great in the Rough Riders unit!

This is an old Tonka toy van I had when I was a kid (I keep lots of stuff like this). We needed another vehicle during the same mission as the vehicles above, so I "pimped" up this ride.

I had originally painted it about 20 years ago is a similar cammo scheme, but it had external gun pods mounted on both sides made from bitz from an old Transformer toy. I never liked how they looked, so they were removed with this overhaul. I kept a detail over the rear tires, taken from an old car model as well as the domed sun-roof.

The original rear doors molded on the toy were very crude, so I replaced them with a pair of Rhino mk1 armor plates and added plasticard hinges.

I hope you enjoyed the pics. Comments always welcome! Thanks!