Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deathwatch Character WIP - Blood Angels Assault Marine

Here is the first post of our Deathwatch campaign Kill Team. This is my character--A Blood Angels Assault Marine. 

This figure is built with a mixture of bitz from different sources, but mostly from the Assault Marine set. I would list the sources if I knew, but unfortunately I do not.

My GM suggested that I magnetize the jet pack for those missions that it isn't used. So I ran with the idea, magnetizing the arms as well.

I decided that I wanted to equip my character WYSIWYG for each mission. Typically, after one of my characters advances a bit or changes his armor/weapons significantly, I make a new version--My figures "level up"! Because it is unlike that I will be making a another version of this character, I chose to make the model as versatile as possible.

Here is a different load out, with all the current options laid out. The chain sword and power sword aren't magnetized, but they slide onto the pin that is glued to the arm--So far that is working just fine. As I am able to requisition additional gear for the character, I will make versions of those bitz for the model.