Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RPG Mobs - Dark Eldar WIP

Here is another installment of the series showcasing the models I have put together (past and present) for our role-playing games. In this installment we have Dark Eldar...

Third Edition Boxed Set Dark Eldar
I recently and secretly painted up some bad guys for our GM. I wasn't sure if these would be used in Dark Heresy or Deathwatch, nor when they would appear.

Well they just popped, so I can share what I have done so far. These showed up in our Deathwatch campaign as a twist to the mission we were deployed on, so we were not tooled up for them!

I don't have the most recent DE Codex nor was I able to get a hold of more current DE bits. The sprues only had slinter pistols, rifles and cannons, so I looked at some of the models on GW's site for weapon variation ideas.

These were built with RP'ing in mind and not wargaming, so I wasn't trying to make proper squads, but here is the rundown of what's what:

  • Warrior w/ Splinter Cannons x3
  • Warrior w/ Splinter Rifles x10
  • Warrior w/ Splinter Pistols/CC weapon x3
  • Sybarite w/ Hand Flamer/CC Weapon
  • Sybarite w/ 2-Handed Axe
  • Sybarite w/ Dark Lance
  • Sybarite w/ Agonizer and Poisoned Blade
  • Dracon w/ Hell mask, Poisoned Blade, and Psychic Energy

I wish I could have also made 1-3 models each from the other unit in the DE range, but I just wasn't able to.

The paint scheme turned out much brighter than I intended. Since this project was a quickie and possibly-one-use-mob, I wasn't up to edge highlighting these models. Instead, I chose to dry-brush. Unfortunately, I was too liberal with the base coat and covered up almost all of the black. I intended to go back with some washes to darken up the armor, but I ran out of time.

I will still finish up the last bit of detail before boxing them up for long term hyper-sleep.