Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons Character WIP - Ranger

A friend is developing a D&D Next campaign. I chose a Human Ranger. My character concept is a scout who's primary vocation is a scout. He leads merchants, traders, and attaches from a moderate human city through the woods to various recluse non-human tribes and civilizations.

I what this guy to be fairly self sufficient. Good at hunting, tracking, and all-around survival. He prefers to sleep under the stars, but likes to be near society. Being away from D&D for about 3 years and not playing D&D for about 20 years, I am influenced by my recent WH40KRPG campaigns. From that, I will have him use both a crossbow and long bow (as in a sniper rifle and full-auto rifle).

The figure is from Privateer Press' Iron Kingdoms line, and is called Potent Bradigus Thorle, Blackclad Druid (PIP81019)

I will trim off the club/axe from the model's hands and attach the long bow.

Here I have taken an 40K Imperial Guardsman backpack and trimmed it down, adding 2 quivers and a crossbow.