Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Carnage Cup 2017 Blood Bowl Tournament AAR

I spent most of last weekend at a local Blood Bowl tournament. There were 5 rounds in total, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The OFCC Carnage Cup is a two-day, resurrection Swiss style tournament.

Teams were built with 1.1 million gp, plus a skill pack of 6 normal skills. I chose to play Khemri, but did not have a team built, nor any appropriate miniatures.

So I chose to scratch-build/kit-bash a team. As I typically do, I started with the name. My teams are always based on, or inspired by NFL teams. This is an important first step as it defines my color pallet.

This is the entire team as brought to the Carnage Cup, including staff/markers.

  • Back Row, Left: "Spirits" representing Re-Rolls in the tournament and Cheerleaders in leage play. They are all translucent green Reaper Bones figures.
  • Back Row, Right: Tomb Guardians comprised of Crypt Horrors with Ork heads and 1K Sons Helmets & shoulder pads, and Necron groin guards.
  • Middle Row, Center: The Coach flanked by 2 mummified Assistant Coaches--Used as Turn/Score markers in the tournament.
  • Middle Row, Left and Right: 4 Skeleton Linemen comprised of various skeleton bits, Necron heads, and Dreamforge Stormtrooper shoulder pads.
  • Front Row, Center: Ithica Benoin from Willy Miniature.
  • Front Row, Left and Right: 2 Anointed Blitzers made from Skeleton Warriors, Kroot shoulder pads, and 1K Sons helmets.

The remaining members of the team no used in the tournament. There are 6 additional Skeleton Linemen and 2 Anointed Throwers. The Throwers are made from Skeleton Warriors, Kroot shoulder pads, 2e Blood Bowl balls, and 1K Sons helmets.

That's enough explaining, lets move on to the After Action Reports.

Game 1 vs Skaven

I really struggled handling the speed of the Skaven. They were easily able to circumvent my defense. No matter how I screened my ball carrier, there was always 1 rat that could throw a Blitz. The Skaven team did not have a Rat Ogre, but they did have a voracious Linerat with a Claw--He caused some damage.

We ran out of time to finish the game (2.5 hour time limit), but I managed to score a last minute TD seconds before the round was called.

Results: Rats win 3-2. The Skaven with the claw kept casualties even at 4-4. Of the casualties received, 2 were Tomb Guardians, plus a Lineman and a Blitzer. Fortunately, both Tomb Guardians Regenerated.

Tournament Points Earned: 0

Game 2 vs Orcs

In the first half, things were looking good. The Orc Chainsaw was not performing well and I had kept the green skins from scoring. But on turn 6, I over committed to one side setting up a play for stealing ball. Unfortunately, I unknowingly exposed the other side to a pass, hand-off, and 2 GFI TD. The remainder of the half was spent bashing as many orcs as I could.

We went into the second half up by 3 players and receiving the ball. I had to burn both my Re-Rolls on the first to turn to prevent early turn overs. Then on both turn 3 and 4, a Blitzer (with Frenzy) rolled double Push followed by a Skull (Attacker Down) leaving me in an unfavorable situation--Twice!. That cost me dearly as my Star Player ball carrier was Blitzed, Killed, Regeneration failed, and ball run in for a TD. I was dominating the second half, but those 2 bad blocks cost me the game.

Results: 0-2 Orcs. However, I cut through AV9 Orc armor like butter--final casualties were 5-2 my favor.

Tournament Points Earned: 1

Game 3 vs Chaos Dwarves

I have played this coach 3 times in league Friendly games, and lost all 3 times. However this time he was playing Chaos Dwarves--A team I am quite familiar with.

The game was the most tedious grind fest I have ever played. We both shut down each others offence to a stand still. Ithica was Blitzed and killed again (failing Regen again too) in the middle of the first half. But this time he was able to Dump Off the ball to a near by Blitzer. Even though that prevented my team from loosing the ball, I was unable to score before Halftime.

The second half went pretty much the same.

Results: Tie game all around! Score was 0-0, and Casualties were 2-2.

Tournament Points Earned: 1

Game 4 vs Halflings

Day 2 opens with The Halfling Master Chef stealing both of my Re-Rolls in both halves. I played the entire game without a single Re-Roll! So I tried to play conservatively in an attempt to mitigate any turnovers. In the end it turned out to be a sound strategy. The entire first half, I did not take any unnecessary actions.

However, in the second half, I felt a win was a nearly certain, so I focused more on hitting than scoring. I had kept track of my total casualties caused in the previous 3 games and thought that I might be near the top. On Turn 16, I went for it. I Blitzed, fouled, and threw every Block I could instead of scoring. In the end I passed every roll and was able to score the TD  anyway! At the end of the game my opponent only had 2 players on the pitch--1 Halfling, and 1 Treeman.

Results: My first tournament win! Final score was 2-0. I caused a lot of mayhem, killing 7 Halflings and a Treeman, while suffering no injuries.

Tournament Points Earned: 4

Game 5 vs Humans

[picture unavailable]

Final game of the tournament. I have faced this coach twice before. Once in a previous tournament, Goblin vs Goblin where I lost. Then a second time in league play with my Chaos Dwarves vs his Ogres where I eeked out a win.

The Human team had a Chainsaw Star Player. I tried to stay away from it and score as quickly as I could. Unfortunately I misjudged the speed of the Humans and my ball carrier got sacked by the chainsaw. Luckily, Ithica was only stunned and he was able to Dump Off the ball to a near by Blitzer. But surprisingly, after the Blitzer failed to catch the Dump Off, a Tomb Guardian caught the scattered ball. I was able to boldly march up the field for a turn 6 TD. Off went the chainsaw. The Human coach was unable to score in the remaining turns of the half.

In the second half, I kicked off having 3 more players than my opponent. The Humans keep the ball deep in the back field, hoping for an opening that never comes. I kept my opponent locked down but am unable to score again.

Results: The Falcons pull out another win at 1-0. They also kept up their killing spree and knocked off 5 Humans while only suffering 1 Casualty.

Tournament Points Earned: 4

Team Stats

Tournament roster with skill package and names for each player.

Goals For/Against: 5/5
Casualties For/Against: 24/9 (second and third place has 23 and 19)
Tournament Points: 10 (Out of a maximum 20; Winner had 17)

Final Thoughts

In addition to converting and painting up a team, I also put together a themed book/display case/carrying case. The following 2 images are the artwork I put together for the book.

This is the completed book, opened up as a display case with lights. This was placed at the side of the pitch on top of the dugout and functioned as the reserves box.

Another element I added was tea lights under the translucent figures.

So not only did I win the 'Eadsplitter Award for causing the most Casualties, but I also won the Flash Git Award (best appearance)! But I had to choose which to officially win because they only give out 1 award per person.

A unique feature of this tournament was 3 tournament specific Special Play cards. Every coach had a set and each could be played once per game.

One of the give away items was this cool poker chip with Blood Bowl themed club logo adorning it (and the Special Play cards). What is especially cool is that I designed the logo.

I had such a great time at this tournament and I look forward to next year.