Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ash River Falcons Showcase

I painted this team specifically for the 2017 Carnage Cup. In case you missed it, I discuss the event and my achievements in this post. Unlike the last tournament I attended, this time I didn't bring a bad build.

Today, I present an in depth photo report of the completed Ash River Falcons.

The entire team incuding custom "ball".

The team logo is a parody of the Atlanta Falcons. I searched a Warhammer Old World map and found a river located in the Land of the Dead called the Ash River.

4x Tomb Guardians: Crypt Horrors base, 1K-Sons helmets and shoulder pads, Ork heads, and Necron Praetorian Groin Guards.
2x Anointed Blitzers: Skeleton Warriors, Kroot shoulder pads, and 1K-Sons helmets.
2x Anointed Throwers: Skeleton Warriors, Kroot shoulder pads, and 1K-Sons helmets.

10x Skeleton Linemen: Various skeleton bits, Necron Praetorian heads, and Dreamforge Stormtrooper shoulder pads.

Coaching Staff
Coach: Wight King with 1K-Sons helmet.
2x Assistant Coach:  Reaper Mummy Rising.

Other Staff
3x Cheerleaders: 3 different Reaper Bones spirits in translucent green, based on top of electronic tea lights.

The Cheerleaders with the tea lights on in the dark.

Display Case
During games the case functions as a reserves box. It folds up into a book.

Exterior of book/case.

Interior of book/case.