Thursday, September 18, 2014

Talisman 2ed Figure Collection (part 7)

The final installment of this series!

Here we have a number of unofficial figures for the remaining official Talisman 2ed characters. I have included the in-game character art this time as a comparison to the figures I have chosen.

The main hurdles in finding/converting Talisman 2ed figures is scale and style. During this era of figure sculpting, GW exaggerated heads and hands and had a sense of humor too. Miniatures were full of character and were themselves caricatures.  The other issue is that 25mm = 25mm--No Heroic Scale here.

So, when selecting a miniature, the most appropriate selections are vintage miniatures and companies that currently sculpt in a cartoonish style at a small (compared to today) scale.

My main source of modern miniatures has been Mega Miniatures. But to my recent chagrin they have closed their doors and sold off their master molds. Last I checked, their website was up with links which company bought what.

The other figures I have used were found in my bitz box, collected over the last 3 decades.

The Templar, High Mage, Champion of Chaos, and Herald

The Templar was an old figure I had. I cut off the helmet crest.
The High Mage is a Mega Mini. I added a small hexagon shaped bauble on top of his staff.
The Champion of Chaos is made from GW's first box set of multi-part chaos warriors. 
The Herald came with a long wire meant to be a banner pole. I added a metal spear in its stead with the plan of adding a small flag. I do not recall where this mini came from.

The Mystic, Master Thief, Sheriff, and King's Champion

The Mystic is a stand in until I find a better suited option. This one is a Mega Mini.
The Master Thief in also a Mega Mini. No conversions.
I found the Sheriff in my bitz box. Also no conversions.
The King's Champion is a very old figure. I think he came with a D&D Battle Systems box set in the mid 80s. He came with a wire banner pole, ad I will be adding a sword in its place.

The Valkyrie and Dragonrider

The Valkyrie is a bit too big, but I have not had much luck in finding a smaller scale appropriate figure. I have a female winged helmet head to replace the original head.
The Dragonrider will be a combination of a mid 80's metal figure that had its sword replaced with a plastic lance and a plastic D&D Miniatures Green Dragon,

For completeness, I have included the in-game character images for these 4 previously shown figures in past posts of this series: The Questing Knight, The Minotaur, The Dragon Priest, and  The Dragon Slayer.

Well, that is it for this series. However, while compiling these posts and pictures, I made note of some later edition characters and home brew characters over on that do not have 2nd edition equivalents. As I find appropriate figures, and finish painting the ones from this series, I will update my progress.