Friday, September 26, 2014

Warmachine Cryx Color Test 2

Now I am getting somewhere!

Just a few days ago, I posted my first attempt at my first Warmachine figure. That post was full of firsts as it was also my first time using GW's technical paints Ryza Rust and Nihilakh Oxide. Well I think I have sorted out how to use them. Now I have tried my hand at two more firsts! To get the effects seen below, I used for the first time GW's Typhus Corrosion and FW's Orange Rust powder.

Pictures taken with my phone.

This is exactly how I envisioned it in my head! Just a few more finishing touches before I fill in the 'swamp' with water effects.

I really like how the rust powder added a 3D layer. I inadvertently obliterated all of the 'corrosion' on the brass/copper parts with an orange ink wash that was too intense.

Strange angle, but it shows the inside of the base a little better.