Sunday, September 28, 2014

BFG BatRep – Space Marines vs Imperial Navy 500 pts

More Battlefleet Gothic!! Again I am almost a month late posting a BatRep!

The other day Deathbot wanted to play 40k, but I didn't think we had time. I suggested a game he had never played, but within the same universe... Battlefleet Gothic. He loved the idea. So much so, he talked Mrs Zorcon into playing too!


I broke out my felt starscape, using the game boxes to mark off one board edge to keep the play area manageable.  We played the intro scenario 'Cruiser Clash'. As the name says, the the scenario is meant to be cruisers only, but we included escorts too.


Each side had 500 points. I decided to give each side 2 cruisers and 2 escort squadrons.

IMPERIAL NAVY (285pts) - Deathbot
  • Tyrant Cruiser
  • Cobra Destroyer Squadron x3

IMPERIAL NAVY (215pts) - Mrs Zorcon
  • Dauntless Light Cruiser
  • Sword Frigate Squadron x3

SPACE MARINES (500pts) - Zorcon
  • Strike Cruiser
  • Strike Cruiser
  • Gladius Frigate Squadron x2
  • Hunter Destroyer Squadron x3 


Image terminated by Inquisitor Nicodemus from the source of transmission.


This was taken after the Imperial Navy's turn, before the Space Marine's turn. Both sides fired torpedoes, forcing the opponent to take evasive maneuvers. 


Image terminated by Inquisitor Nicodemus from the source of transmission.

This is the only image of turn 3 to make it through the communication black out. It shows the miraculous luck of the Imperial Navy's Dauntless Cruiser as 4 waves of Thunderhawks and a torpedo salvo 6 strong slam into its hull.


The Imperials lost their capitol ship (taking out a Space Marine Gladius Frigate in the explosion), and the light cruiser was crippled. Morale was lost and the Imperial Navy surrendered.

The game took about 2.5 hours--Re-learning and teaching the rules added quite a bit of time. Reguardless, Deathbot, and surprisingly Mrs Zorcon had a good time.  So much so, we have already planned the next game!