Saturday, June 7, 2014

Talisman 2ed Figure Collection (part 3)

More Talisman...

Now that I am well into this series, I am fully re-immersed in Talisman. I have gone back to and revisited the fan made expansions, picking a select few that caught my fancy. I also looked at 3rd and 4th edition characters that do not have counterparts in 2nd edition. All in all I now have 60 new characters (half with minis already) to add to my collection. In future posts, I will showcase the new characters and expansions.

The Gypsy, Satyr, Thief, and Sprite

The Satyr and Sprite are actually original paint. The Gypsy and Thief are re-paints. All I can say is I faithfully painted the figures like the character art.

The Ninja, Assassin, Priest, and Monk

The Ninja has original paint from back in the late 80s. The other 3 were painted around the mid 90s.

The Halfling, Dwarf, Leprechaun, and Dragon Slayer

The Dragon slayer is original paint, but it wasn't painted until around the early 00s (when I did a batch or re-re-paints on some of my older Talisman minis). The figure is an old GW WHFB Giant Slayer hero model.

The other three figures are re-paints done at the same time as all the other repaints (mid 90s).

The Swashbuckler, Pirate, Minstrel, and Philosopher

All four minis are repaints. I actually lost my Philosopher for about 5 years. He got misplaced somewhere and just showed up. I had been searching the interwebs for a replacement, but never pulled the trigger hoping I would eventually find the original.

Than"s all for now. Take care!!